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Space Monkey Meds | Gorilla Grape | Indica


The Gorilla Grape Ape is quite a powerful strain. The Gorilla Grape Ape has many properties that most other strains don’t. The Gorilla Grape Ape is something that has been manufactured using Mendocino Purps and Afghani and Skunk. This means that the Gorilla Grape Ape is actually a cross between the three. The Gorilla Grape Ape Strain is composed of indica and is popularly known as a relaxing agent. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. The strain has been composed of dense compact buds that have been wreathed in a very deep and attractive purple batch of leaves. The purple leaves reach certain darkness when the indica in the strain matures. This happens in at least 7 to 8 weeks in flowering time. It can make you euphoric, happy, and lazy and has the flavor of grapes, sweets, and berries.


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